NASA Intracenter Running Competition

October 16, 2019

Start Location
Goddard Space Flight Center, Building 97/Fitness Center, Greenbelt, MD

  Race Entry 2020 GROC Membership
Through October 15 $4 $4
Race Day $5 $4
Race Entry - If you still have a bib from the spring you do not have to register for this race, just show up and run with your bib. If your bib is bent or damaged or lost you have to register again.
2020 GROC Membership - You will be listed as a GROC member with RRCA. This includes lunch at the picnic in the spring. Also you will be allowed to pick your own bib number if available (starting Jan 1, 2020 - email
Register online through October 15th.
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For More Information
For more information, please visit or contact Tom Winkert at

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